When You Need Ovarian Cyst Removal and the Type of Surgical Procedure to Remove Ovarian Cysts

Published: 20th April 2010
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Most ovarian cysts are not life threatening and they usually disappear after several months. However, there are some cysts that continuously grow overtime and may require an ovarian cyst removal. In such cases, the cyst could result to different symptoms especially intense pain in the pelvic area.

It is required to have an ovarian cyst removal if the condition is cancerous. The risk of the cyst becoming cancerous tends to increase with old age. The status of this disease can be identified by performing a series of laboratory tests such as physical check up of the abdomen, ultrasound, CT scans or X-rays. Blood test and urine test are also performed in order to determine the condition.

Surgical procedure for ovarian cyst removal includes laparoscopic and open surgery. The kind of ovarian cyst removal depends on the size and type of the cyst. However, the preference of the patient should be considered by the doctor.

Most women choose to undergo a laparoscropic surgery because of the fact that it is less invasive, which means that the procedure has less healing time needed. Also, there is no long term scarring in this surgical procedure, which is very important issue for a lot of people. This ovarian cyst removal surgery is done by making a small incision in the abdomen and a thin laparoscope is put inside the incision, which provides the doctor with the tools and the vision to remove the cyst.

If the cyst is large in size, it requires an open surgery. This ovarian cyst removal method needs the application of general anesthesia because it is considered as a complicated surgical procedure. Open surgery usually takes longer for the lesion to heal and the patient to recover. After the surgery, it is important to consider whether the condition is cancerous. Although this scenario is unlikely, it is essential to be familiar with the different treatments required.

Remember that conventional medication only masks the common symptoms of the problem and its effects tend to be temporary. It is important to point out that surgical procedure can be an effective ovarian cyst removal but it cannot help prevent the condition from recurring.

Researches show that a modification in your diet is a great start to help shrink the cyst and prevent its recurrence. Also, there are various natural remedies and treatments that can be done at home in order to alleviate the pain and regulate the hormones in the body as well as the menstrual cycle.

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